Review Policy

As of November 2018, I have 84 review books on queue (52 from NetGalley and 32 from independent authors). This was due to me having a different blog prior and so I’ve decided to carry them over to this new one. Due to this though, I will not be accepting any books for the meantime, both from authors and NetGalley/Edelweiss alike.

I do not and cannot review all the books that I receive and will not guarantee to accept all book requests. Be it because I don’t have any interest in the genre or I simply do not have time to get to it. 

I will try my best to post a review up in the closest time to the publication date but that will not be a sure guarantee. All my reviews will be honest and my own thoughts and opinions and I try to be as critical as I can by giving reasons of like and dislike instead of pure hate talk. I am not a professional reviewer in any case, just someone who reads for a hobby.

I do have a wide variety of reading preferences, however, I do not gravitate towards religious non-fiction, business books, poetry collections and hard science fiction. Depending on the time I might read more fantasy or romance but all in all I tend to try each genre as much as I can. I do not have anything against erotica but I would like not to read one that revolves only on the sexual parts. A good storyline is always a must.

I do accept both physical books and e-book copies, however I prefer e-books over the former.

Regarding ratings: I don’t use star ratings. However, my reviews will have a clear Pros and Cons part which will detail the things I liked and disliked about a book. I am not comfortable boxing someone’s work into a definite star rating especially since it doesn’t fully articulate what I feel about a story. I would like the readers to decide for themselves if they are interested or not.